• T,W,Th 9 am - 1:45 pm

Enrichment Programs: ​​

Monday (Language Arts) 9am-12pm

Friday (Science) 9am-12pm


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The 4's Program


  • Develop self-esteem, relate and interact with others
  • To be happy in a school situation
  • Develop self-reliance
  • Foster growth and muscle development
  • Develop dexterity in motor skills, resulting in good coordination
  • Develop skills with letters, numbers and quantity concepts
  • Exposure to working with different types of materials
  • Encourage development at the child's own rate without competition.

The 3's Program


  • Develop Social Skills
  • Develop and Build Self-Esteem
  • Gain Independence
  • Exposure to new experiences (field trips, visits from local fire department and our nature friends)
  • Exposure to the world of academia (develop an awareness of colors, shape and textures, learn to recognize and spell his/her own name)
  • Learn to Trust an adult outside of the family circle.

Junior Kindergarten


  • Provide hands-on experiences regarding academics such as reading/language arts, math, science, art, music, social studies and computers.
  • Provide opportunities for social and emotional growth through cooperative learning, playing and problem solving.
  • Develop imagination through puppetry and role-play.
  • Nurture fine and gross motor physical develpment
  • Provide a respectful and loving environment between students and teachers.

  • M,W,F 9 am - 12 pm or
  • T,Th 9 am - 12 pm

Additional Curriculum Details:
  • Computer/Robotics is provided as a 'Special' for the 4's and Junior Kindergarten.
  • Spanish is provided as a 'Special' for the 4's and Junior Kindergarten.
  • Book A Boom is an interactive based literacy focused 'Special' for each program (3's, 4's and Junior Kindergarten).
  • Recess/Outside play every day (weather permitting).  Inclement weather: gross motor/music and movement activities in the "Big Room".
  • M - Th 9 am - 1:45 pm

Enrichment Program: 

Friday (Science) 9am-12pm