Cindy Grindrod (4's Teacher)

Mrs. Grindrod began teaching our four year old students in 1996 and taught our three year old students from 1993-1998. She celebrated 26 years of teaching at Pine Grove Nursery School this year.  Mrs. Grindrod has previously been a classroom teacher for kindergarten, second and third grades as well as an oral language specialist for grades one through four.  She has also co-authored a Kindergarten Enrichment program.  Mrs. Grindrod holds a Bachelor of Science degree in both Psychology and Elementary Education, with a concentration in Early Childhood.

Donna Lisevick (Junior Kindergarten)

Mrs. Lisevick joined Pine Grove Nursery School in 2019 as our Jr Kindergarten Teacher.  She taught at PGNS several years ago before her youngest daughter was born.  Donna has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with a minor in Elementary Education/Early Childhood Development from the University of Hartford.  Our team is thrilled to have Mrs. Lisevick as part of our PGNS team again.  

Pictured above: Mrs. Grindrod

 Our Fantastic Staff and Teachers

Meredith Sinclair (3's Teacher)

Mrs. Sinclair joined Pine Grove Nursery School in the Fall of 2014 as our new teacher in the three year old program.  Mrs. Sinclair studied Early Childhood Education at West Chester University in Pennsylvania.  In addition, she has coordinated and co-chaired art enrichment programs at the elementary school level.

Jennifer Jepsen (Director)

​Mrs. Jepsen is beginning her seventh year as the Director of Pine Grove Nursery School. She has been involved in many facets of PGNS since 2005.  Mrs. Jepsen has served on the Board for 13 years, serving as chairperson in 2012 and 2013.  She has been a substitute teacher at PGNS and has taught computer class to our 4's and Jr K students.  Mrs. Jepsen holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Siena College in New York, majoring in Marketing/Management.  Mrs. Jepsen has also served on the Board of Roaring Brook School and has chaired many PTO committees, specifically Ways and Means, hospitality and Playground

Leslie Goff (Computer/Robotics)

Mrs. Goff has a passion for technology and engineering at the preschool and elementary level.   She has taught many classes at local libraries in both technology and science.  She has also volunteered at a local elementary school library in their technology space.  She joined Pine Grove Nursery school as a specials teacher in 2018 after having both of her daughters graduate from the 4's and Junior Kindergarten programs.  Mrs. Goff holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and has taught both computer science and engineering in private secondary schools.  

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Sarah Peltier (4's Teacher)

Mrs. Peltier began teaching at Pine Grove Nursery School in 2004 and has taught the threes, fours and K-enrichment classes. Mrs. Peltier also teaches the Three/Four Summer Nature classes at Roaring Brook Nature Center.  Mrs. Peltier has previously served on the PGNS Board as well as serving as PTO President of the New Hartford Elementary School System. Mrs. Peltier holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications as well as a Master's degree in Elementary Education specializing in Reading and Language Arts.

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Maryellen Bender (Book A Boom)

Mrs. Bender began teaching at Pine Grove Nursery School in 1995 in the four year old program and has also taught the extended four's program.  Mrs. Bender retired from teaching our Junior Kindergarten class in 2017, and is currently teaching our literature enrichment program, Book A Boom, to all Pine Grove Nursery School students.  Mrs. Bender holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Elementary Education.  Mrs. Bender also holds a Master's degree in Elementary Education specializing in Reading and Language Arts.


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